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Come as you are.


When we were developing the concept of our space, our lives were in a whirlwind of the race that life is, alway's moving forward with little time being made to stop and enjoy the view.  Our goal for this space is to create a community for everyone.  All are welcome and we encourage you to come as your are, leaving any masks or pre-conceived notions at the door.  This is our space to enjoy peace and the company of our community.

The names Olive + Ruby are special to us because these are the names of our girls.  Our two littles have broadened our perspective on how we live our life and we as parents are working hard to create a life of beauty for them.  Olive + Ruby are our inspiration and naming our cafe after them is a consistent reminder of who we do this for.

Our goal is to create a community that casts no haste on your journey, come as you are is our wish for you.  



(604) 801-9600



2839 West Broadway Vancouver BC V6K 2G6


M-F 8a–6p
Sa-Su 9a-6p


For menu please visit our delivery service providers Door Dash or Foodora. Please note that prices are different in house.




Let's meet and collaborate!  Our city is beaming with creative people and we would love nothing more then to be about of it with you.  The community that Vancouver has is what makes our city so friendly and connected, it's what draws people from all over the world to experience. Collaboration leads to growth and develops relationships that foster community.

Please connect with us with your idea, we would love to chat with you.


We cater to you.

We invite you to allow us to cater your next gathering.  We work with you to create a plan that creates a memorable event. 

Let us design a menu that can cater to any dietary restrictions or budget, so rest assured that every one of your guests can enjoy our offerings.

We can provide a family style meal, grab and go nibbles, prepared salads or sandwiches and fresh cold pressed juice to compliment your meal.

Please send us an email with your inquire on how we can make your event delicious.

photo credit: erin sousa